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Unsafe babywearing

We have a handful of submissions that have been parked in the queue for a while. Most of these are because the photos need to be reformatted or the captions need tweaking and your erstwhile editor has been swamped these past few months. But in some cases, there are egregious examples of unsafe babywearing that we NEED to stress to dads everywhere.

The most important of these is something Mr. Babywearingdads did with a particular brand of Dr. Sears approved bag slings. Bag slings are under close scrutiny for a reason, and there aren’t enough disclaimers even on the Dr. Sears approved one. But one day we caught little J. wheezing because his head wasn’t at the right angle, and another day we realized little J. was swinging at waist level while Mr. B was waving his hands around. Mrs. Babywearing dads freaked out both times.

Some of you have submitted photos of babies in bag slings at waist level. I can’t publish these because it’s an example we can’t afford to set. This is DANGEROUS!

I’m going to ask a few folks to put together their best tips for babywearing safety and focus it toward dads. Some of the other things we’ve seen have been babies in carriers while on ATVs and bicycles. We’ve given the benefit of the doubt in the past that these were posed (and they even look as such), but we are adjusting our editorial policy to make explicit that we will not publish photos that display or imply unsafe babywearing practices.

We’ll also be doing some public service announcements with regard to hip and spine support in babywearing. We’ve learned a lot since launching this project, and look forward to sharing it with you and the babywearing dads in your lives.

Baby carriers in motion

We’ve taken some criticism for posting pictures of babies being worn on moving vehicles such as bicycles, ATVS and so on. It bears noting that we have, thus far, not taken a position (so to speak) on things like crotch danglers and other things that inspire mommy wars among the babywearing crowd, because we like to support babywearing dads in general and love our submissions! But the babies being worn by non-pedestrian sorts—well, we think our critics have a valid point, just like they would if they came up to a babywearing dad who had his beloved newborn moppet in a sling carrier—at his waist. We’d like to set up a primer on babywearing for dads that we could post as a FAQ. In the interest of crowdsourcing this:

What do guys need to know about babywearing?

Queue fail

Our queue is healthy again, but for some reason nothing went out today! If you have a submission in the queue, it’s set for two-per-day at the moment. Here’s hoping tomorrow it runs like it’s supposed to, but if not I’ll kick it myself.

Babywearingdads needs your photos!

Time again to nudge our followers on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, and wherever else you are coming from, to please send photos of your favorite guys wearing little ones!

Call for submissions

Now that summer has unofficially begun, guys, take your babies out for the day in your favorite wrap, sling or SSC and get a picture to us!